Food Deserts


In This Episode 

More than 16,000 residents of Wilmington live in food deserts. And the impact is not just unappetizing meals. Food insecurity leads to a host of health issues ranging from diabetes to gout. In New Hanover County, 6.8 percent or 13,220 adults over 20 years old suffer from diabetes. Those are just the diagnosed cases. Actual numbers are likely higher. 

The two biggest risk factors for food insecurity is obesity and physical inactivity and New Hanover County’s numbers are staggering. Slightly more than 26 percent or 46,010 of adults are obese and 22.2 percent or 39,739 of the adults are physically inactive or they haven’t exercised in the past month.

In this episode, we head out into the community to talk with some of the organizations fighting food insecurity and with our neighbors impacted by it.