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Cape Fear Collective (CFC) has created and launched a social impact investment management platform designed to provide low risk, mission driven investment opportunities for deployment at the neighborhood, city and regional levels. This innovative structure unlocks new capital opportunities for nonprofit and social impact organizations that are outside traditional philanthropic funding streams, providing a sustainable option for community development and inclusive growth. This investment structure allows CFC to finance specific needs, maximize the impact of the investment, and ensure every dollar is reaching the community when and where it is needed most.

Why invest with Cape Fear Collective

  • Invest in targeted low and moderate (LMI) housing programs that meet the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) criteria.

  • Align institutional investments with business development.

  • Be part of a revolutionary investment model driving social change.

  • Track the community outcomes you’re supporting through our data-driven approach.

  • Change lives and help build healthy communities.

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