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Economic status and upward mobility are at the heart of solving some of the most perplexing problems we face today. For an economy to function at its best, it needs to be growing sustainable, and stable.

The Inclusive Economy Report serves as a snapshot and compass check for the inclusivity of the Cape Fear region’s economy. It sheds light on potential steps our community can take to increase economic activity, widen economic participation in small business ownership and sustainable career paths, and build a more resilient community that can weather storms of all types. It identifies disparities using data-driven insights and academic rigor while harnessing the power of the lived experience to chart a viable path forward.

In January 2020, the Cape Fear Collective (CFC) with Community Content set out to learn about the reality of making a living in the Cape Fear region. The film was part of our inclusive economy report.


The goal of the film was to capture the lived experience of three workers facing obstacles from employment to a living wage. Each story is unique, but they also illuminate the larger tribulations facing the region’s workforce.

Released September 16, 2021



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